Tuesday, 29 January 2013

7 days till 4th brace tightening!

I never thought a brace tightening would be something that I actively look forward to having, I  never thought I would be excited, or have it take over a whole page in my diary with exclamation marks and smiley faces and underlined. But they have, the naughty little things!

Some days I sit and think about how much my life has changed over the last 8 months, and how bloody obsessed I've become with teeth and braces and orthognathic surgery, and underbites and overbites and jaw surgery and generally looking at peoples mouths before their faces. Thanks to this wonderful world of jaw surgery blogs I know I'm not the only teeth obsessed freak out there! But who would of thought it hey, I'm sure my obsession will grow the closer I get to surgery but what will happen once I'm all done?

I am genuinely, 100% in awe of what these braces have done to my teeth in 8 months, look at the difference! I cant believe I was walking round with teeth like that! It is just incredible.

Pre Braces

Day 1 of Braces

8 Months in Braces

I will make some time tonight to take some more all round pictures of my teeth and my face 8 months in, but I am just amazed at the results all ready. If anyone is reading this and wondering whether to have surgery done or to have braces on to fix your teeth, DO IT!!!! Don't be scared, look at what 8 months in braces has done to me!

I haven't had surgery yet but I am so happy with how my teeth are, yes I have an underbite but look at how straight and in line and level they are! They are beautiful! I look at these pictures and at my teeth and think OMG how bloody good is my mouth going to look after surgery! I'm going to have nice teeth, I'll have the best teeth in Northamptonshire, I could be the mouth on the toothpaste adverts!

I'm hoping that the blob of glue in between my bottom front teeth has done it's job and can be removed next Tues. I would also like this next tightening to close up that little gap and just centre my teeth/midline but Mr O'Neil knows what he doing, I'll leave my teeth in his capable hands and just be patient. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ooooops & Owwwwww!

Well first off Ooooops for not posting in aaaaages! Christmas was so busy and hectic for me both at work and at home so I thoroughly neglected my blog.

So my first Christmas with braces has been and gone and it was a lovely Christmas, full of fun, food and drink! My braces did however stop me from eating the following;

  • Chocolate covered Brazil nuts
  • Toblerone
  • Gingerbread Biscuit/House
  • Chestnuts
  • Any nuts actually
  • Hotel Chocolat slab of chocolate (varying flavours)
Most of the above isn't very good for the waistline anyway so It was probably a blessing in disguise but at the time, tres annoying! The more yummy things like chocolate I either broke up into bits or got my boyfriend to bite a bit off then give it to me, almost like a bird feeding their young, just without the regurgitating bit, my relationship moved to a new level right there! 

On Christmas Eve I went out with my boyfriend and some friends and unfortunately there always has to be one dickhead in a crowd and as usual I met him. I was subjected to some lovely comments from a teenage boy about my chin whilst queuing at the bar. There was a plus side however, this little urchin's dad was also queuing next to me and gave his son a good wallop and sent him back to the table and apologised to me and offered to buy my round of drinks and a bottle of wine as way of an apology for his (and I quote) "stupid idiot of a son". 

It was a nice gesture and I was glad that he pulled his son up about his actions but it did put a dampener on my evening. It gets tiring always having to brush off comments, to pick yourself up and try and make yourself feel better, ignore all the old comments and feelings that come rushing back, push down that feeling of wanting to just go home, get into bed and cry and put a smile back on your face. It's bloody tough and it really annoys me, why should I or anybody for that matter be made to feel like shit just because you look slightly different. It just makes me want this surgery to hurry up and happen, so I don't have to put up with comments, or worry about it before I go out, or hide instances like that from my boyfriend and friends to stop their night from being ruined too. 

On that note how does everyone else deal with that? I'm always reluctant to tell my boyfriend then and there when someone has made a comment, he's not an angry or aggressive person but he would have to say something to defend me and I always worry about some sort of fight happening or him getting wound up and then his night is ruined too. 

Prime example is the Christmas eve incident, I was out with my Boyfriend and about 6 other male friends of his, we'd all had a few drinks it wouldn't of ended well if I'd of said something. So I didn't, but he always knows something is wrong with me anyway, and he eventually got it out of me then said it upsets him when I don't tell him, he wants to help me but he cant when I keep it to myself. Complicated!

Anyway, on a more practical note I went for a cleaning last week, 1 word, Owwwwww! The dentist told me off for not cleaning between my teeth with interdental brushes morning noon and night every single day. Then I think as a way of making sure I do clean like that everyday, she took that scaler/drill thing to my teeth and gums like a mad woman. My word did it hurt when she got right in-between my two front teeth, I think that was the deal clincher, "make he cry then she will always use the teepee brushes!" I know I should, but to be perfectly honest some days I just cant be bothered. I brush, use my oral irrrigator and mouthwash twice a day, teepee brushes takes ages and its fiddly and there's like 5 different sizes and I'm either running late in the morning or I'm stupidly past my bedtime at night and I'm lazy.
Sorry teeth for not teepeeing you everyday, I will try and make more of an effort to do so in future. 

Next tightening is 5th of Feb, not too long to go!!!!