Monday, 24 March 2014

Brace free teeth!

This will only be a little post because I'm shooting off to Germany for work this afternoon but I had to share my no brace face with you all!
I had them off this morning, and am just about to go in for my retainer fitting now.
It feels so weird having bare teeth. And the one thing that I do have to say, is that the braces come off so quickly! It's almost like oh is that it?!  Years of struggle, but also fabulous choices, happy memories and triumphs, all snipped away in seconds.
Now just a very good future ahead of me with working teeth! Bring on the skittles!!!!
I Will update properly once I'm back from Germany. But much love to all and keep on smiling Cassie you are doing so well beautiful! Xxxx
No Braces!!!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Almost time to say bye to my braces

It's less than a week till my braces come off!

This has flown by! Mainly because I have been running round like a mad woman, but It really has come round quick! I feel a bit sad they are going really, end of an era. a good end though, but they have just become a part of me.

However, as there final parting gift, my braces have bestowed to me the mother of all ulcers/cuts on the inside of my lip. Thanks braces, I love you too.

I will do a proper update at the weekend with pics etc , but here is one of me and my man on a recent weekend break in London.

Much bracey love xxxx