Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Almost time to say bye to my braces

It's less than a week till my braces come off!

This has flown by! Mainly because I have been running round like a mad woman, but It really has come round quick! I feel a bit sad they are going really, end of an era. a good end though, but they have just become a part of me.

However, as there final parting gift, my braces have bestowed to me the mother of all ulcers/cuts on the inside of my lip. Thanks braces, I love you too.

I will do a proper update at the weekend with pics etc , but here is one of me and my man on a recent weekend break in London.

Much bracey love xxxx


  1. A week!! Woohoo for you Natasha. It's exciting hey (I'm seven weeks out from de-bracing).
    Loving that gorgeous megawatt smile of yours, can't wait to see it metal free.
    Ellie xx

  2. Hey love, That is great! how does it feel to be 7 weeks out?

    I'm excited to see it too, its going to be weird! no more metal mouth for me hahahaha! xxx

  3. Your smile is gorgeous Natasha! With or without braces! It will be strange to be without them no doubt, but I'm sure you'll get used to it, lol. ;)

  4. You look so happy in this picture Natasha!

    Just took a peek at your brace-free piccys and I must say you look stunning! You ooze confidence which is just lovely to see :)

    Enjoy your new smile xxxxx