Thursday, 30 August 2012

2 weeks post wisdom tooth surgery

It's been 2 weeks since I had my wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic at my local hospital and things are healing rather nicely. I am happy to say that I didn't suffer from any nasty infections during the first week, my friend is a dental nurse and warned me about dry socket, so I was very good at keeping the holes in my gums nice and clean. I did get a bit carried away on day 3, I got the waterpik out and gave the holes a blast.

Not my brightest idea as they started bleeding, I panicked and felt all dizzy and light headed, so sat myself on the bathroom floor with head between my legs, then i realised that that position was making them bleed more so I did a half tilt of the head, and that's how my boyfriend found me 20 mins after I had said I was going to brush my teeth. Sat on the bathroom floor, in my old comfy PJ's, head half upright and half between my legs, looking rather grey, worried and slightly sobbing.

I learnt my lesson and refrained from blasting my extraction sites with my waterpik for a good 10 days.

I was on liquid/mushy food for a couple days, just because of the way my bite is, I eat/chew on my back teeth so it was a bit sore to really eat anything solid for a couple of days. I mainly ate ice cream, jelly, yoghurt, scrambled eggs and tiny bits of bread and drank luke warm coffee. Then I just got fed up with that and ate normal food in really small pieces and carefully mushed it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue.

I'm eating normally now and the holes are slowly closing up, I do get food stuck in them from time to time but my boss told me it took his wisdom tooth holes about a month to heal properly, so only 2 more weeks to go!

The whole process got me really thinking about my double jaw surgey to come, and it really dawned on me how hard it's going to be! It will be such a challenge mentally and physically to recover from a surgery like that, I was getting cabin fever after 3 days off work, I was fed up of just eating soup and yoghurt after 4 days! What on earth am I going to do after my surgery, I'll be on liquid for a lot longer than 4 days!

I know I'm getting way ahead of myself, I've not had my braces on long and surgey will be ages away yet but it all just hit home last week. I am having double jaw surgery one day. I think I forget about it or tend to just push it to the back of my mind and focus on how my teeth are moving rather than thinking of the bigger picture.

I'll have to face it one day, but for now I'm quite happy worrying about wether my braces are cutting up my lips and cheeks up.

Monday, 20 August 2012

The wimp survived wisdom tooth surgery!

Well I did it! I have had wisdom tooth surgery. I have come out the other side with 2 great big holes in my mouth but more wisdom and more belief in me and my clever little brain than I had going in. 

Naturally the night before I couldn't sleep, I was up every hour or so checking the time worrying that I had overslept when in fact I hadn't slept at all! My boyfriend drove me to the treatment centre for 7.30am, and I started to have a little cry and a panic in the car-park, but I pulled myself together and in we went. My boyfriend was only allowed to stay with me in the reception area for about 10 minutes till my name was called and off I had to go up to the ward and sit and wait all by myself till the nurses came to get me for my operation. I was quite upset and nervous as it was my first time in hospital, my first time under general anaesthetic and I was scared and would of liked someone there with me, but that's just the way the NHS do it. You go in and you go out in one morning, no family or friends with you, just you, your horrid, NHS gown and your charming NHS paper pants. Lovely!

So there I was, sat there in my finery looking rather nervous and the girl in the bed next to me was lovely, she told me not to worry, that she had been under loads of times and it was fine, you just fall asleep and then you wake up and it's all over, your not in pain, just sleepy. I started to relax a bit and had a read of my book. My surgeon came round and said hi, said he was glad to see me again and that my teeth looked good. Then the first lot of patients began making there way down to theatre, including my new friend next door. 

After an hour or so the first lot of patients were being wheeled back through the ward, I made an extra special effort to stare at all of them and assess how distressed and in pain they looked so I could prepare myself. To my delight they all looked sleepy, just lying there, chilled out with some blankets around them and an oxygen mask on. I was starting to think to myself;

Yeah, I can do this. It will be fine. It's just like that girl said, you go to sleep, you wake up, your fine. Nobody has been sick, nobody looked upset or anything coming back through. They were just asleep. Nobody was crying out in pain. I'll be fine, yeah, I can do this, just have a little sleep then wake up and go home....... I'll be can do this Tash...... you will be fine................OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER!!! WHY IS SHE CRYING!!!! WHY IS SHE HYPER VENTILATING!!! WHY IS SHE BEING HELD DOWN!!!

Yes, much to my complete and utter horror, the lovely girl in the bed next to me, that assured me that going under general anaesthetic was a nice sunny stroll in the park, was clearly not going for a nice sunny stroll in the park. She was walking through a rather dark, horrid forest with monsters in it and she really, really  wanted her Mum. One of the nurses must have noticed my horrified expression and that my hands were reaching for my clothes and came over and told me not to worry, that the girl was just a bit stressed and upset as she went under and those feelings come out when you wake back up again. She told me that she was absolutely fine and she wouldn't even remember getting upset and that I shouldn't worry one bit about that happening to me. 

I was worried, very worried, and was wondering how long it would take me to run home in my gown and paper pants, I was in fight or flight mode, then my brain did something rather amazing. It chose to fight. It chose to keep me and my paper pants sat in that chair, and chose to calm me down, to rationalise what I'd just witnessed and what the nurse had said to me. Me and my wonderful brain came to the conclusion that if I remained calm and only thought about good things then everything would be fine and I would wake up happy and not upset and distressed. 

So that's what I did, I had a good old chat to the nurse as she walked me down to the theatre (we walked past it we were nattering so much) I remained calm as I got on the bed/table and started to think happy thoughts as the anaesthetist tried to insert the IV in my left hand and failed to find a vein, then tried in my right and got one. I carried on breathing calmly and thinking good thoughts as she injected the anaesthetic and as a cold feeling went up my arm. Then she said you will feel sleepy soon, and I did, my eyelids shut and I was asleep.  

I woke up smiling, I was thinking about the same thing as I did when I went to sleep, I had an oxygen mask on for a bit, then I was sat up and had some water and some jelly, the sugar rush from that was amazing! At that point the thing that hurt the most was my throat, from the breathing tube I had, but that was it, it was just like having a really bad sore throat from a cold. I had been given a local anaesthetic too so that I didn't feel any pain when I woke up. How very lovely of them!  

My boyfriend was called and he took me home, I was greeted by my two St Bernard dogs who strangely new I wasn't right and didn't run and jump at me like they usually do, they sniffed at the hand my IV was in a lot and were very calm and quiet actually. I got in to bed and stayed there till the next day relatively pain free. I had ice cream for dinner that night and again for breakfast and dinner the following day. Just one of the many benefits of having your wisdom teeth out; it's acceptable to eat ice cream at any time of the day! 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Last sleep with my wisdom teeth

Well this is it wisdom teeth, we have had a good run, but it's time we part ways and make room for a new bite and a new smile.

Thanks for all the wisdom you shared with me. 

I hope the doctors and nurses don't laugh at my slippers, I forgot to get hospital appropriate ones!

Monday, 13 August 2012

2 days till wisdom tooth removal!

Eeeeeek! The scary day is almost here. Now I am fully aware that I'm only going to have 2 wisdom teeth removed and not going in for my jaw surgery and that this surgery is performed all the time and is relatively minor, and that people get put to sleep all the time and they are fine. Even though my brain understands all this information I'm still really scared and worrying away.

I've never been in hospital before, I've never been under general anaesthetic, I've never really hurt myself, I was and still am a very safe person, I stay away from anything that could cause me pain or discomfort, and I have elected to undergo all this treatment that will most defiantly cause me pain and discomfort. Not a very smart move for a wimp! Well this is happening on Wednesday whether I'm feeling 100% ready or not, so I need to get brave and deal with it.

In preparation I've removed my nail polish, (not allowed to wear nail polish during surgery?) and I'm not too happy about that, I wear nail polish 24/7, I change it about 2-3 times a week, and as a result of my nail polish obsession I have slightly discoloured nails as they haven't seen the light of day for quite a long time! So they don't look too good at the minute, need to get one of those whitening pencil things. I've also started my new book by John Irving that I am thoroughly engrossed in so hopefully having a little read of that while I wait to be called through will help calm my nerves. I just need to buy some Corsodyl mouthwash and man the hell up and stop being such a wimp!

The cure to a sore mouth from braces!
My teeth are moving nicely, my underbite is developing rather well so I'm pleased with that. Braces and my cheek had a big fight last week and my cheek lost, rather spectacularly actually, so I went to my friends house and treated us and my sore, swollen cheek to some wine and ice cream on Friday to try and lift our spirits. 

Then on Sunday I had a lovely afternoon out with another friend, and successfully navigated half a warm chorizo salad and half an asparagus, palma ham and mangetout salad, (my friend and I went half and half) without getting it all stuck in my braces and feeling self-concious while eating and talking. So yay for me!

I'm feeling much better about eating out with my braces now. I'm no longer ordering food because it wont get stuck in my braces and it will be easier to eat, I'm ordering whatever I want and accepting that I might have to go to the bathroom after and have a quick brush of the teeth for the not so brace friendly foods.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Wisdom Tooth Pre-Op

I went for my wisdom tooth pre-op on Wednesday 1st at my local NHS hospital. I am a day case patient or "day release" as my dear friend put it :-) so basically I'm in at 7.30am, put to sleep (eeeeeek!!!!) teeth removed, then hopefully fit for my boyfriend to come and pick me up early afternoon.

My pre-op nurse Bev was lovely, very chatty, friendly, wrote my boyfriend a lovely note with some after-care suggestions such as;

  • Tooth fairy money £20
  • Lots of love and pampering
  • Flowers
  • Presents to help with the pain
She did a good job and put me at ease somewhat about the procedure..... until I got home and read the information about general anaesthetic and the effects and the procedure itself, then that lovely wave of panic swept over me and I did what I do best. I cried.

I am rather scared about the whole thing. My biggest fear/worry is having that horrid cannula thing in my hand or arm. I'm not really scared of needles, its having a foreign object in me, in my veins or having something taken out like blood that makes me go all funny. Oh and I'm slightly worried I wont wake up.

Might see if they can put me to sleep another way, or maybe I should be brave and see how I get on. It's meant to be quite quick from putting the cannula in to me falling asleep so I might be fine. Oh I don't know, I'll see how brave I feel on the day.

So I'm trying to control the wisdom tooth surgery fear at the minute, trying not to think about it too much and just think about the positives like taking a step forward in all of this towards my end goal, and that I have a good excuse to buy a couple of new books and indulge in a good read while I'm off work for a couple of days. (The NHS also advises you not to make any important decisions or sign any legal documents for 2 days after your anaesthetic)

It was my 2 month braces anniversary on Tues so I treated my braces and teeth to an extra long clean with both types of orthodontic friendly electric toothbrush heads, with some fancy fluoride rich toothpaste, a good floss with my old rival Superfloss (we are getting on better now) a long blast with my waterpik and a good rinse round with some fluoride rich mouthwash. It was a fun hour!