Monday, 13 August 2012

2 days till wisdom tooth removal!

Eeeeeek! The scary day is almost here. Now I am fully aware that I'm only going to have 2 wisdom teeth removed and not going in for my jaw surgery and that this surgery is performed all the time and is relatively minor, and that people get put to sleep all the time and they are fine. Even though my brain understands all this information I'm still really scared and worrying away.

I've never been in hospital before, I've never been under general anaesthetic, I've never really hurt myself, I was and still am a very safe person, I stay away from anything that could cause me pain or discomfort, and I have elected to undergo all this treatment that will most defiantly cause me pain and discomfort. Not a very smart move for a wimp! Well this is happening on Wednesday whether I'm feeling 100% ready or not, so I need to get brave and deal with it.

In preparation I've removed my nail polish, (not allowed to wear nail polish during surgery?) and I'm not too happy about that, I wear nail polish 24/7, I change it about 2-3 times a week, and as a result of my nail polish obsession I have slightly discoloured nails as they haven't seen the light of day for quite a long time! So they don't look too good at the minute, need to get one of those whitening pencil things. I've also started my new book by John Irving that I am thoroughly engrossed in so hopefully having a little read of that while I wait to be called through will help calm my nerves. I just need to buy some Corsodyl mouthwash and man the hell up and stop being such a wimp!

The cure to a sore mouth from braces!
My teeth are moving nicely, my underbite is developing rather well so I'm pleased with that. Braces and my cheek had a big fight last week and my cheek lost, rather spectacularly actually, so I went to my friends house and treated us and my sore, swollen cheek to some wine and ice cream on Friday to try and lift our spirits. 

Then on Sunday I had a lovely afternoon out with another friend, and successfully navigated half a warm chorizo salad and half an asparagus, palma ham and mangetout salad, (my friend and I went half and half) without getting it all stuck in my braces and feeling self-concious while eating and talking. So yay for me!

I'm feeling much better about eating out with my braces now. I'm no longer ordering food because it wont get stuck in my braces and it will be easier to eat, I'm ordering whatever I want and accepting that I might have to go to the bathroom after and have a quick brush of the teeth for the not so brace friendly foods.


  1. Good on you Natasha for Not letting your braces get in the way of a good meal. Wisdom teeth surgery - sending best wishes and speedy recovery Vibes your way. Looking forward to hearing how brave you are after all :)

    1. Thanks Lovely! I'm currently trying not to be reduced to scardey cat tears every time I think about tomorrow morning.