Thursday, 30 August 2012

2 weeks post wisdom tooth surgery

It's been 2 weeks since I had my wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic at my local hospital and things are healing rather nicely. I am happy to say that I didn't suffer from any nasty infections during the first week, my friend is a dental nurse and warned me about dry socket, so I was very good at keeping the holes in my gums nice and clean. I did get a bit carried away on day 3, I got the waterpik out and gave the holes a blast.

Not my brightest idea as they started bleeding, I panicked and felt all dizzy and light headed, so sat myself on the bathroom floor with head between my legs, then i realised that that position was making them bleed more so I did a half tilt of the head, and that's how my boyfriend found me 20 mins after I had said I was going to brush my teeth. Sat on the bathroom floor, in my old comfy PJ's, head half upright and half between my legs, looking rather grey, worried and slightly sobbing.

I learnt my lesson and refrained from blasting my extraction sites with my waterpik for a good 10 days.

I was on liquid/mushy food for a couple days, just because of the way my bite is, I eat/chew on my back teeth so it was a bit sore to really eat anything solid for a couple of days. I mainly ate ice cream, jelly, yoghurt, scrambled eggs and tiny bits of bread and drank luke warm coffee. Then I just got fed up with that and ate normal food in really small pieces and carefully mushed it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue.

I'm eating normally now and the holes are slowly closing up, I do get food stuck in them from time to time but my boss told me it took his wisdom tooth holes about a month to heal properly, so only 2 more weeks to go!

The whole process got me really thinking about my double jaw surgey to come, and it really dawned on me how hard it's going to be! It will be such a challenge mentally and physically to recover from a surgery like that, I was getting cabin fever after 3 days off work, I was fed up of just eating soup and yoghurt after 4 days! What on earth am I going to do after my surgery, I'll be on liquid for a lot longer than 4 days!

I know I'm getting way ahead of myself, I've not had my braces on long and surgey will be ages away yet but it all just hit home last week. I am having double jaw surgery one day. I think I forget about it or tend to just push it to the back of my mind and focus on how my teeth are moving rather than thinking of the bigger picture.

I'll have to face it one day, but for now I'm quite happy worrying about wether my braces are cutting up my lips and cheeks up.


  1. Glad you are healing well (mostly!) from your wisdom tooth surgery. I got so sick of the soft foods after mine and did the same, mooshing food against my palate. I'm also wondering how I'm going to handle weeks of solid food post jaw surgery- yikes!

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