Wednesday, 5 September 2012

3 Months in Braces

I have been so busy this last couple of weeks that I completely missed my 3 month in braces anniversary! Oooops! At the start of all this everyone was telling me it will go so quick, you wont even notice it, time will fly by, before you know it you will be recovering from your operation... and such. Every time I would hear such a comment I would smile and say "yes, I'm sure it will fly by" but actually I was thinking "No it bloody wont! It will take a year or more and it will feel like a year or more!"

Truthfully, the first month, felt like a month in braces, it was a steep learning curve! Since then it has gotten easier as the weeks have gone by. I am used to them now and don't notice them so much as I did at the start, I'm used to cleaning them and choosing appropriate foods, eating with them etc so I don't consciously think about them. I wouldn't say time is flying by, but it is has passed quicker than I thought.

I'd say the biggest annoyance about wearing braces and this process is that my speech is constantly changing. Just as I begin to learn how to say certain words or sounds and how to move my mouth and tongue to not sound or look like an idiot, my teeth move, only ever so slightly but it changes everything. Then I start over, learning the words that make my lisp worse, remembering which sounds make me spit at people, (gross I know but it happens) and how to move my mouth around the braces. It is a complete pain in the bum but, it's necessary in order to get my bite fixed, it isn't forever, and I just have to persevere and be patient.

My wisdom teeth holes are slowly but surely closing up, I still get food stuck in them which is annoying but I can blast them clean using my waterpik with minimal bleeding now, so that helps no end! My bottom teeth seem to be moving into the free space, I'm not sure. I'll have a good picture session tonight and post them up tomorrow to compare the before wisdom tooth surgery to after.

My next brace tightening is fast approaching, 13 days to go! I'm rather excited about this one, last time Mr O'Neil didn't change the wire on my bottom teeth because they were still moving, he just did the top. So hopefully I will get a new wire and get these bottom teeth moving a bit more.

In other wimpish news, I burnt my finger yesterday on my GHD's because of my dog Bertie. (I forgot how much this hurts!) He got lonely downstairs and decided to pay me a visit whilst I was straightening my hair ready for work, he launched himself onto my bed and knocked my finger right into the straighteners. Needless to say he got a good telling off and I handled the burn like a complete wimp and moaned about it all day at work.

Guilty Bertie!

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