Monday, 17 September 2012

3 months and 3 weeks in braces

I'm almost at the 4 month mark, yaaaay! Over the last couple of weeks my braces have been a right pain in the bum! My bottom teeth are moving and as a result my lower braces keep cutting up my bottom lip. I'm shovelling the wax on them to try and prevent any further cutting/rubbing and I'm convinced that my local Boots Pharmacy think I'm either addicted to Bonjela or have a trio of teething children at home.

However, no pain no gain! I do have my wimpy days and get fed up and moan and get all teary as my ever suffering boyfriend knows oh too well! (Sorry Ben!) But I am having more strong, brave, just bloody well get on with it Natasha days, so I am hopeful that by the time I do have my surgery I will not be such a wimp about the little things.

In preparation for that long awaited day, I am considering facing my completely irrational fear of getting my ears pierced. Yes, I'm 24 years old and I don't have my ears pierced because I'm scared it will hurt. I know what your thinking, you big, great, giant, wimp it doesn't even hurt! But I am a big, great, giant, wimp and it probably does hurt, but I'm giving it some good thought and I will keep you all posted.

I'm getting my braces tightened tomorrow, I'm rather excited actually and I'm looking forward to creeping a step closer to my surgery. Hopefully Mr O'Neil will be pleased with my progress and that my wisdom teeth holes are almost closed up. I'm hoping that I will get my bottom wire changed this time as last time he said that my bottom teeth were still moving, I could wiggle them around with my tongue! I cant do that any more, so bring on the new wire.

 Here are some updated pictures of my progress!

3 months in braces

That bottom lip is sticking out more and more!

My long lower jaw

Check out that underbite!

I'm amazed at how straight my teeth are after 3 months in braces

Still smiling 3 months and 3 weeks on

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