Monday, 25 February 2013

Jaw Ache Relief

Jaw ache is a punishment that should be dished out to the bad people not the unlucky and nice!

Since having my braces fitted and my teeth moving my jaw ache has got worse, I'm willing to put up with it as it's all for the greater good but it does get tedious at times!

I have now got my jaw ache relief kit down to T and more often than not it does help to soothe my poor little jaws.

So my drug of choice for jaw ache relief is Ibuprofen, a lovely anti-inflammatory that I can always rely on.

Jaw ache relief

If it gets really bad, then I take Syndol (paracetamol and codeine) but it makes me really tired and a bit nauseous so I try not to take it that often and you can get addicted to codeine.

My amazing heat pad is my best friend and number 1 combatter against jaw ache! It's gel based so I just pop it in some hot water and let it heat up for a while then put it in it's sleeve and hold against my face. This thing works wonders, really helps to relax all my muscles, its so soothing and lovely. It can also be frozen, so when the time comes for post surgery ice packs I am covered!

Jaw ache relief - heated pad

I have two of these, I keep one at home and one at work, I used to get caught out and end up in pain at work so now it's a normal occurrence for my colleagues to see me with a blue thing pressed against my face. I'm thinking of buying a stretchy hairband type thing so I can use it to strap the heat pack to my face and then I can go handsfree with my heated relief at work and be able to type with two hands. 

I currently have jaw ache so I'm about to go and heat up my wonder pad and get some relief! 

Also found this good picture of my profile last night whilst going through my ex's camera. Doing the handover of stuff tomorrow so I thought I'd best get the pictures I want to keep before I give him back his camera! 

This is me (with hair extensions in) and my friend on a night out recently, I think this picture really shows just how far forward my lower jaw and lip juts out and actually my top jaw looks really small in comparison. Also naughty me for drinking a vodka and diet coke without a straw! Sorry teeth! 

Only 5 weeks to go till my next appointment, roll on April! 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Going it alone!

Well there's not really any way to dress this up or make it less dramatic but I made the bold decision last week to break up from my boyfriend. He wasn't horrible or mean, he treated me well, he loved me and I loved him, the problem was that over the 14 months that we were together I grew and changed as a person. My goals, my achievements, my expectations of life, love, him and myself changed. Unfortunately he didn't. 

We were two lovely people, together, just heading in different directions, wanting different things out of life and the relationship. He hadn't changed and grown with me as I had hoped he would. 

In the next 6 months or so I am going to change again, quite dramatically after my surgery. I don't doubt for a second that my outlook on life will change, I will change physically, I will change emotionally and I think I will struggle to come to terms with some of the psychological implications of having double jaw surgery, of finally getting rid of something that has caused me so much pain and hurt but something that is fundamentally a huge part of me, and I love me. So it's kind of bittersweet, getting rid of my current face, jaw & chin and replacing it with a new one that will improve my life and my looks. 

He just wasn't right for me, I wasn't convinced that he would be able to cope with that huge change in me and support me through it, I felt like it would be the other way round. I would be supporting him through my changes. A few comments had been made and a few of his fears had been expressed over the past few months and I don't think ill of him for having those feelings or making those comments. He was honest and that's all I ever asked of him. They were just not what I wanted or expected to hear from my partner.

So I'm going it alone, and you know what, I feel good. I feel like a weight has been lifted, like I just have me to worry about and look after and consider. I'm having my bloody face cut up and broken and moved around, I should just be worrying about me and nobody else!

So as the wise and wonderful Nina Simone sang;

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life for me
And I'm feeling good

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day with my Braces

Well my first Valentines Day with braces has arrived, funnily enough it is just like the last Valentines day I spent, nothing much has changed. I am finding that my initial thoughts and worries on this whole process including getting braces could possibly have been misguided, over dramatic and dare I say it.....wrong!

I thought having braces was going to do the following;

  1. Ruin my life
  2. Make me look like a complete monster
  3. Make me repulsive to the opposite sex
  4. Give people another reason to take the piss out me
  5. Make me talk like an idiot
  6. Make me look unprofessional at work and not be taken seriously
  7. Cut my Boyfriends lip to pieces every time I kiss him
  8. Prevent me from smiling
  9. Make me miserable
  10. Ruin my life!!!

Turns out none of that has happened and isn't likely to happen. 

  1. Braces haven't ruined my life they have actually made it  much better because I'm so close to having lovely functioning teeth!
  2. I don't look like a complete monster, (I do in the morning, but I did anyway before braces) I look like me, just with braces.
  3. Braces do not send boys running to throw up. I've had my fair share of offers over the last 8 months or so.  
  4. The people that take the piss, will take the piss no matter what.
  5. I sometimes mess words up and spit occasionally but hey everyone does that from time to time anyway, I just take my time with certain words and sounds.
  6. It's how I perform and conduct myself at work that gets me noticed and respected, having braces actually makes me stand out from the crowd and makes people remember me.
  7. Not once have my braces assaulted my boyfriend, my lips on the other hand, are a different story!
  8. I smile more with my lovely straight braced teeth than I did with my horrible messed up pre braces teeth. 
  9. Sometimes when they are cutting your lip up or it's your 3rd day on soup after a tightening it can get tedious, but I always remember my end goal and pick myself up again! 
  10. Braces haven't ruined my life, they have made it better, so, so, so much better!

Happy Valentines Day Braces & Happy Valentines Day to my fellow Braced Bloggers and Readers! 

Much Love!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Double Jaw Surgery Here I Come!!!!

I have a date!!!!!!! an estimated date, but I have a date!!!!!! So bloody excited!

I had my 4th brace tightening on Tuesday and my wonderful Orthodontist told me that my teeth were ready! He said that he would write to Mr Harrop my surgeon and ask him to schedule me in for a May operation, but I've asked him to move it to a June operation as I'm on holiday end of May and I must have my holidays!

So a June surgery is on the cards! If all goes to plan I will be having surgery 13 months after having my braces on. I never thought it would be as quick as that, I don't think my Orthodontist did either but my little teeth have been on a mission.

I had some pictures taken after my tightening, I had a thicker wire on top no change on the bottom, my next appointment is in April, so hopefully I will find out some more about dates, measurements and the next steps etc, I really should ask more questions!

I went back to work after my appointment and started to tell the girls I work with the good news and then I just went a bit hysterical, I was laughing, crying, smiling, making no sense whatsoever. I just couldn't control myself, I was happy, excited, relieved, nervous and I think the years of emotion and problems and hurt just all came out. I just kept saying "I get a new face, I get a new face, I get a new face" and I will, I will get a new face.

I hope my new face solves a lot of problems and issues for me. I really hope it does and I hope I like it!

I'm all ready planning my "Goodbye Face" party and I think I'm going to introduce a soup and smoothie league table at work, so other people can get creating amazing soup and smoothie recipes for me! Some may say that's lazy I say it's enterprising, why not get everyone involved!

Aaaaaaaaaah! I'm having double jaw surgery in 4 months!!! It's actually happening! I'm so excited!!!

Happy weekend everyone! xxx