Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day with my Braces

Well my first Valentines Day with braces has arrived, funnily enough it is just like the last Valentines day I spent, nothing much has changed. I am finding that my initial thoughts and worries on this whole process including getting braces could possibly have been misguided, over dramatic and dare I say it.....wrong!

I thought having braces was going to do the following;

  1. Ruin my life
  2. Make me look like a complete monster
  3. Make me repulsive to the opposite sex
  4. Give people another reason to take the piss out me
  5. Make me talk like an idiot
  6. Make me look unprofessional at work and not be taken seriously
  7. Cut my Boyfriends lip to pieces every time I kiss him
  8. Prevent me from smiling
  9. Make me miserable
  10. Ruin my life!!!

Turns out none of that has happened and isn't likely to happen. 

  1. Braces haven't ruined my life they have actually made it  much better because I'm so close to having lovely functioning teeth!
  2. I don't look like a complete monster, (I do in the morning, but I did anyway before braces) I look like me, just with braces.
  3. Braces do not send boys running to throw up. I've had my fair share of offers over the last 8 months or so.  
  4. The people that take the piss, will take the piss no matter what.
  5. I sometimes mess words up and spit occasionally but hey everyone does that from time to time anyway, I just take my time with certain words and sounds.
  6. It's how I perform and conduct myself at work that gets me noticed and respected, having braces actually makes me stand out from the crowd and makes people remember me.
  7. Not once have my braces assaulted my boyfriend, my lips on the other hand, are a different story!
  8. I smile more with my lovely straight braced teeth than I did with my horrible messed up pre braces teeth. 
  9. Sometimes when they are cutting your lip up or it's your 3rd day on soup after a tightening it can get tedious, but I always remember my end goal and pick myself up again! 
  10. Braces haven't ruined my life, they have made it better, so, so, so much better!

Happy Valentines Day Braces & Happy Valentines Day to my fellow Braced Bloggers and Readers! 

Much Love!


  1. Ha Natasha its like you read my thoughts!

    Happy Valentines day!

  2. Ditto! It's funny, I thought that I wouldn't be smiling much over this two year process either - but I smile more now, with my braces on than I did without them. Happy V Day Natasha :)

  3. It's great to be at peace with them isn't it?! Happy Valentine's Day, girls! Erin

  4. Thanks girlies! Hope you all had a brilliant Valentines Day and shared some bracey love :) xxx

  5. Happy valentines day! It keeps getting better and better through this process. Once you're post op you'll be like wow! So this is what a bite is suppose to be like. It's an amazing process.

  6. I totally agree, even after almost 3 years. I found I was so much more likely to smile as my teeth straightened, and even more after the surgery. I'm actually nervous about getting them off... in 7 weeks. I think I'll miss them.
    I love your list... it's all true!

  7. I worried about all those things too when getting braces. I was afraid what people would think. I got braces on when I was 24 and its not uncommon at all to see adults wearing braces nowadays so that made it slightly easier. At first I was afraid to smile and show people that I got them on. But in the past few months I absolutely LOVE how things are coming along and I don't ever stop smiling. I had SARPE surgery last month so that helped expand my smile and make me feel more comfortable with it. I can see and feel how confident I am.