Friday, 3 August 2012

Wisdom Tooth Pre-Op

I went for my wisdom tooth pre-op on Wednesday 1st at my local NHS hospital. I am a day case patient or "day release" as my dear friend put it :-) so basically I'm in at 7.30am, put to sleep (eeeeeek!!!!) teeth removed, then hopefully fit for my boyfriend to come and pick me up early afternoon.

My pre-op nurse Bev was lovely, very chatty, friendly, wrote my boyfriend a lovely note with some after-care suggestions such as;

  • Tooth fairy money £20
  • Lots of love and pampering
  • Flowers
  • Presents to help with the pain
She did a good job and put me at ease somewhat about the procedure..... until I got home and read the information about general anaesthetic and the effects and the procedure itself, then that lovely wave of panic swept over me and I did what I do best. I cried.

I am rather scared about the whole thing. My biggest fear/worry is having that horrid cannula thing in my hand or arm. I'm not really scared of needles, its having a foreign object in me, in my veins or having something taken out like blood that makes me go all funny. Oh and I'm slightly worried I wont wake up.

Might see if they can put me to sleep another way, or maybe I should be brave and see how I get on. It's meant to be quite quick from putting the cannula in to me falling asleep so I might be fine. Oh I don't know, I'll see how brave I feel on the day.

So I'm trying to control the wisdom tooth surgery fear at the minute, trying not to think about it too much and just think about the positives like taking a step forward in all of this towards my end goal, and that I have a good excuse to buy a couple of new books and indulge in a good read while I'm off work for a couple of days. (The NHS also advises you not to make any important decisions or sign any legal documents for 2 days after your anaesthetic)

It was my 2 month braces anniversary on Tues so I treated my braces and teeth to an extra long clean with both types of orthodontic friendly electric toothbrush heads, with some fancy fluoride rich toothpaste, a good floss with my old rival Superfloss (we are getting on better now) a long blast with my waterpik and a good rinse round with some fluoride rich mouthwash. It was a fun hour!

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  1. Even if you are scared, it is important that you don’t freak yourself out with horrible stories about wisdom tooth removal, whether it’s about the procedure itself or the period after. Anyway, those are sweet after-care suggestions that the dentist wrote. I’m pretty sure those helped you a lot to manage pain.

    >Kaley Baum