Monday, 30 July 2012

Jaw ache booooooooo's

Today I have really bad jaw ache, it has developed into neck ache, eye ache and a headache. I get jaw ache now and again, particularly when I'm eating something that requires a lot of chewing, but today is rather horrid as it seems to have taken over my whole head!

I've noticed recently when I wake from sleeping that my jaws are really clenched shut, and often in a different position/alignment than when I'm awake. Has anybody else experienced this during treatment? 

I've taken some ibuprofen to help with the range of aches and pains coming from the shoulders upwards today, but what I would like is a nice hot towel to wrap around my face and jaw to relax it. Actually what I would really like is a face, head and neck massage! 

I think that the NHS should offer these services free of charge to anybody undergoing this treatment and also a big fat chocolate cake (calorie free) and a cute little kitten or a puppy (you can tick box which one you want) delivered to you every time you are feeling miserable about your stupid teeth/jaw/mouth etc. 

I think all of the above would help a great deal and make this whole process a little bit easier. 


  1. Hi Natasha
    Clenching jaws? I have had that exact same thing happen almost every night for the last week!! I have never done this before now; but thought that maybe I was stressing about whether my braces appointment would go off as scheduled; or whether it would be put off due to not enough expansion of my upper jaw.
    Well - I got my braces on as planned yesterday - and I woke up last night with clenched jaws. Bugger! I hope it doesn't last too long - for either of us :)

    1. Yaaaay! Glad you got your braces on, bet that felt good to finally get them on. I hope it went well for you and your not in too much pain or discomfort at the minute.

      Yes I thought I might be jaw clenching because I was stressed or worried, I probably am, but I think that my moving teeth and bite probably don't help. I'll mention it to my Ortho next time I go and see what he says.

      Hope your first few days in braces goes well for you! x