Thursday, 26 July 2012

My name's Natasha and I'm a giant, massive, huge wimp!

I have been rather busy lately and unfortunately didn't have a chance to blog about this event until now but on Saturday a letter arrived for me, one that said a bed had been reserved for me on the 15th of August to have my wisdom teeth removed!!! 

My reaction to this letter was as follows;

Oh god, it's too soon! I don't have enough time to prepare myself, how long away is it? What day is that, Wednesday? I'll have to take Wednesday off work. This is going to hurt, I don't want that needle thing in my arm, can they put me to sleep without it? Just give me a tablet to take? I hope they don't mess it up, crap it's only a month away. I don't want to do it, can't they just leave them in. What if i don't wake up. Will I have to take time off work after? I feel sick, I don't want that drip needle thing in my arm, 15th of August, that's only a few weeks away, that's really soon. Oh god I'm scared, I'm really scared. I want my cat. 

 So thankfully I have somewhat calmed down since Saturdays big wimp outburst. I do still have moments of panic when I think about being put to sleep or when I think about what pain I will be in after, or if I will feel sick coming round (I hate feeling sick), or about the 2 giant holes I will have in my gums after.

Despite these moments of panic I am beginning to see this surgery as a positive step, step number 2, towards me having a proper bite and nice teeth. As my lovely Orthodontist said, "Just think of it as a trial run for your double jaw surgery" not sure if those wise words help me to feel better or just create a few more worries and scaredy cat moments!

On Monday I was able to move my wimp focus from the pending wisdom tooth surgery to a more pressing matter, my first brace tightening! So Monday and Tuesday morning was spent worrying about that and feeling rather nervous and anxious, then it was time to leave work and face my fear, go and get my braces tightened!

I was late (a normal occurrence for me, much to the annoyance of my ever waiting family and friends) luckily so was my orthodontist so nobody noticed! He was rather pleased with how quickly my teeth had moved, said they were coming on nicely. I had a thicker wire put on my top teeth, this hurt a little when he was tightening them up but actually not half as much as I thought it would. He left my bottom wire in as my bottom teeth still had some movement in them, he did put a little wire thing around 2 of my brackets, this hurt a bit, they felt much tighter. I don't know what it is or why it's there, but it an absolute food magnet! 

Overall my first brace tightening was not that painful, I'd say on scale of 1 to 10 it came in at 3, my teeth were a bit tender the day after but nothing really to complain about. 

So really I am just a giant, massive, huge wimp that was worried and scared for no reason. I have a sneaky suspicion that my wisdom tooth surgery won't be as bad as I think it will be, and really I will be fine. I have my pre-op on Wednesday 1st August so hopefully the wimp in me won't come out and be a blubbing, scared, mess for the nurse to deal with. Wish me luck! 


  1. Don't worry! Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a baby step towards jaw surgery! It really prepared me for what jaw surgery recovery would kind of be like, and it was a lot easier because of my experience with wisdom teeth removal! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Laura

      I hope I can take something positive and be better prepared for my double jaw surgery recovery. Do you have any tips for pre and post extraction?