Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1st Brace tightening is approaching

Well it has been a week since i got back from my holiday in Malt and I have the post holiday blues. I was sitting in the sun, relaxing, reading a book, sipping some lovely Maltese rose wine just over a week ago enjoying myself and being happy with newly acquired underbite and amazing new t-shirts!

 Now I'm in cold, very wet, windy and grey England counting down till my 1st tightening appointment with my orthodontist (24th of July). I hope he is pleased with how my teeth have moved and that I'm keeping my teeth and braces clean, I'm still obsessed with cleaning them and worrying that my teeth might go all horrid and fall out. I'm due to have my lower wisdom teeth removed at some point, so hopefully I will find out when that is likely to be at this visit.

I hope this tightening isn't going to hurt too much, maybe I should take some ibuprofen before I go, just in case. It did hurt a bit when he was putting the wires in, is a brace tightening similar to that?

In other news my little brother is back from Paris yaaaaay! He's back till the end of the month which is really lucky as I can drag him to my ortho appointment on Tues for moral support. Lucky him!

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  1. Good luck on your braces, Natasha! The tightening process might hurt a bit, but don't you worry because the pain will lessen after a while. If you do feel any discomfort, take painkillers, but only in moderation. Also, keep to soft food for a while.

    Cody Zieba