Thursday, 12 July 2012

1 month in braces pictures

Well me and my braces (and my man) had a brilliant a time in Malta, and me and braces had a particularly significant moment whilst we were away..... but more about that later!!!

Here are some quick pictures I took before I went away to mark the 1 month anniversary of me and braces getting together, it's been... at times a difficult relationship, but ultimately I know braces has my best interests at heart, so all the cut cheeks, sore teeth and lack of certain foods over the month, it's all forgiven braces!

1 month in braces - still smiling

1 month in braces - current bite

1 month in braces - top front teeth are lining up nicely

1 month in braces - the backwards tooth holding my bite is just clinging on, not quite a full underbite yet!

1 month in braces - starting to see the difference!

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