Monday, 2 December 2013

Double Jaw Surgery Results - Underbite is gone!

Hey all!

So I've been really busy with work and uni work and all the other stuff I do, so apologies for not blogging much. But here is a good old picture upload! Because pictures is what we all love best!

I will find some time this weekend to write up my journey  so far, but in the mean time here are some pictures. Now I do have to say they are pretty amazing. as i was putting them together i was just laughing because i still cant believe that that change has happened and i look how i look now, and that I used to function pretty well how i used to look and how my teeth were. It really is just incredible what my orthodontist and my surgeon has done. so big massive thank you them both.

I am a very happy lady! Much bracey love to all xxxxx

P.S the after pics below were taken at me 6 weeks out. I just did my hair different one day. xxxx

Before & After Double Jaw Surgery
Before & After Double Jaw Surgery
Before & After Double Jaw Surgery

Before Surgery - Underbite
After Surgery to correct underbite
Before Surgery - Class 3 malocclusion

After Orthognathic Surgery

Recovery day 1 - 14
Recovery day 1 - 14

Before & After Teeth

I have proper teeth!!!!!!


  1. you look so lovely! glad to see you have made it through the worst :) really is crazy to look at pictures. i experienced the same feelings! hope things continue to get even better.

  2. you look lovely! It is funny you are happy to get rid of your underbite and I'm happy mine finally arrived :P glad to see that things are slowly going back to normal :)

  3. wow I still can't believe the difference! Your teeth look lovely and straight! and you'd never guessed you ever had an underbite :P

  4. Amazing.
    So, just for reference--do you need to see multiple specialists (an orthodontist for braces and another for the actual jaw setting)? How long did you need the braces and how painful was the surgery? How bad was the swelling?

    Do you have surgeon recommendations?