Tuesday, 27 November 2012

No Pain No Gain

No pain, no gain.

What a stupid saying! Who wants pain to gain something, just have no pain and gain things. I know, I know, it will make you appreciate it more, you will feel like you achieved something etc etc. Well I appreciate good things when there is little or no pain involved, I will appreciate my nice lovely teeth and bite when I have them, I promise.

The 3rd brace tightening went well by the way! I had my bottom wire changed for the first time, and had 2 new brackets fixed on my very back molars. I think that's the reason why I cried when I brushed my teeth this morning, my poor little teeth are being pushed, pulled and forced into a new position. I thought they were safe, and had escaped further adjusting, oh how wrong I was! I also had a strange bit of glue (maybe, not sure what it is) fixed onto my lower wire, bit odd, should of asked why it was there but I forgot by the time he had finished and I had my top wire tightened, not changed, so my top teeth are a bit tender too.

So I'm back on soup, yogurt and ice cream and sobbing while I brush my teeth.

Although I did have a funny moment this morning when I was brushing my teeth. I was in my really old skanky PJ's, hair everywhere all in a mess, panda eyes because I never take my make-up off properly (bad I know) looking like a right mess, sobbing away, with my toothbrush in my mouth gingerly brushing my teeth, doing the tense shoulder, squinty eyes and scrunched up face waiting for the pain to come as you brush your teeth thing. And I just looked up at the mirror and saw myself and burst out laughing, spraying toothpaste everywhere but it was just funny how one little 20 min appointment had reduced me to that. I need to man up before my operation!

And on that note my Orthodontist has given me a tentative, indication, I'm not promising anything, but possibly, maybe, you could be ready for surgery by May/June next year, maybe, things might change, and it depends on surgery slots, and that is a maybe but that could be when you have surgery. So I asked him about when to book a holiday, when should I start my MBA, when should i look for an intern to cover me at work while I'm off and he said something very wise;

"Just carry on your life as normal, book and do and plan things as you wish and we will work surgery around you, I don't want you to put something off because surgery will one day be here, just do it, your life is first, surgery is second."

So bravo Mr O'Neil for being a brilliant Orthodontist and for offering me very wise words. I will carry on as normal and surgery can bloody well fit in around me and my life. I have been flapping and worrying about what I have planned for 2013 and will my surgery impact on this, will it fall around this time, when I want to be doing that or going here etc and he is right. I'm just going to do whatever I want, because the last thing I want is to say I could of done that, or I should of gone there etc My stupid teeth and jaws have held me back enough over the years and there not going to stop me know.

So MBA here I come, another trip to Paris here I come, 2 week holiday abroad in some sunshine here I come and double jaw surgery, I'm coming for you to!


  1. Natasha, I always love reading your posts! I must admit I was giggling at the thought of morning Natasha brushing/sobbing/laughing with tender teeth & panda eyes - you described it very well & I know I've seen that same Ellie in the mirror also.
    It's great to hear your determination & positive attitude coming through loud & clear. I am very jealous of your 'ANOTHER' trip to Paris - would LOVE to go one day (correction - WILL go one day) - spoil yourself & enjoy every second of it lovely!

    1. Thank you Ellie, I'm glad it made you giggle and that I'm not alone in my horrific morning state too. Mornings are the worst aren't they, If your anything like me I'm always running late and the last thing I need is sore teeth and sobbing during teeth cleaning.

      You should so go to Paris! It is tres belle! It's a bit easier for me to get to as I can just catch the Eurostar from London, so in total it's only a 3 hour journey from my home. But I would highly recommend a trip to Paris. That should be your treat after you've gotten through surgery, a "well done me" present. x

  2. This really made me smile - which now I'm feeling pretty bad about as you're in pain... But Ellie's right, your posts really lighten my mood.
    I hope your gums stop wanting to escape your mouth soon! I always find drinking hot lemonade with honey is soothing.. I had my braces tightened 3 weeks ago and I'm full of aches and ulcers!

    you said it right - no pain no game, eh?

    Stay happy x x

    1. Hahaha, Sophie, you have got that description just right, they do feel like they want leave my mouth! I'm definitely trying that drink tonight, anything to help my poor mouth.

      Bless you! Ulcers are horrible, :-( I hope they go away soon for you lovely x