Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas with braces

Yay it's December! It's the Christmas month, the month to eat too much, drink too much, spend too much and a chance for me and my bed to spend some quality time together.

In my usual winter fashion and much to the dismay of my friends I'm still walking round in open toe shoes, little ballet pumps, summer cardigans, and spring jackets. I am never prepared for the cold months clothes wise, I always loose gloves, I end up buying my winter coat in February and succumb to buying winter boots just before my feet get frost bite.

It's part disorganisation on my part (I'm always surprised by how cold it is from November onwards), part stupid impulse buys that don't go with anything but  look really good in my wardrobe, and partly because during the Christmas holidays I live in my PJ's and only change if I have to go out somewhere nice.

One of my favourite things about Christmas time is all the yummy food and chocolates, but thanks to having braces this year I will have to politely decline on a few of my favourite chocolates and treats! Toblorone is a big no no, as is toffee and caramel sweets and chestnuts and other nuts. Booo to braces at Christmas, although it could be worse I could have my mouth wired shut after having had double jaw surgery. Now that would put a sad face on Christmas, and good luck to those that are in this situation!

Our Christmas decorations haven't gone up yet, but I have decorated my nails in a Christmas sparkle!

Christmas Nails

My braces are no longer hurting my teeth and I am happy to say I'm back on normal food, however they have turned their attention to chewing up the inside of my mouth, cheek and lips. Bring out the wax and bonjela, I've asked for them as stocking fillers this year, including brush heads, inter-dental brushes and floss. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a fresh set of Teepee brushes!


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