Friday, 27 September 2013

19 Days to Go!!!!!

Yep, 19 days to go and the only preparation I have done is cry and cry a bit more.

I feel like I'm going crazy, the waiting is most definitely the worse part about all this, give me tooth and jaw ache any day over this horrible anxious, nervous, scared, excited, sick feeling I have. I think they should just tell you the day before and that's it, maybe send out a secret letter to your family, friends and employer but not to you until the night before then you don't have to sit and worry and be scared for weeks on end.

So I had all my measurements and moulds taken last week, also had some junior doctors in on the appointment which was fun. I had a chat with my Ortho and my Surgeon and we are still planning the double jaw surgery, top forward and bottom back, with genioplasty thrown in too, the chin will be reduced and moved back. I'm not sure of the exact measurements but I just asked him to take enough off so I can eat and speak properly and so that I don't get picked on any more.

I am my surgeons only morning patient, so I hope he is a morning person, because I'm not! I think I will be in hospital for about 2-3 nights after surgery then allowed home. I will have my mum and dad looking after me for the first week during the day, and my man at night. I am a very independent person and will probably find it difficult to let go and allow someone to help me and do things for me, or maybe I will be that zonked out and feel so rubbish that I will be glad of the help! Ma and Pa will be around for another week after that but have said that they will leave it up to me as to how much help I want/need.

I will be having morphine on a push button, self administer thing while in hospital to help me through, I will also be pumped full of antibiotics to help stop infection. Now my body doesn't particularly like antibiotics, a certain part in particular always gets rather funny when antibiotics are introduced, (ladies you know what I mean!) so I mentioned this to my Surgeon and he has said he will also put some particular type of medicine in me to stop that little problem from happening! That is the last thing I want whilst I'm recovering.

In terms of bought things to prepare for recovery, I have next to nothing. I have got some lip balm, some gel ice pack things, new PJ bottoms and some squirty sauce bottles, one for water one for juice. and that's it. To be honest I'm not really sure what else to get, maybe a net flicks subscription?

As far as food goes, I'll buy some meal replacement shakes this weekend and then I'll leave it up to Ma and Pa to be creative with the liquids for the first week, I was told to only eat clear liquids for the first week. Then from there just whatever I can put in, maybe some more soups, juice, sweet potatoe mash, eggs, jelly, ice cream. I'll just see what I can get down. I'm not too concerned about food. I wont starve anyway.

So next appointment is for my pre op stuff, then my wafer try in on the 14th, only 2 days before my operation!

Some updated pics of my face, I am very sad to see it go, I have eventually grown to love my face, many don't but I did in the end. I know it's for the best, I will be a lot happier and in less pain.

Back teeth touching
Relaxed jaw

Smiling front

Angled view
Close up of the teeth!


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  2. Hi Natasha, I'd recommend some cotton buds because you can't blow your nose - you can use the cotton buds to 'fish out some..... Bogeys'.
    And the other thing I found invaluable was a Neti pot (£10 from amazon). It will flush out the blood clots from your nose and works wonders at relieving sinus and cheek pressure. Do check with your surgeon first though. And you'll need about 20 boxes of tissues! C x

    1. Oh, and those emotions.... Boy did I get crazy before my op. I was up and down like a person with bi-polar. You have my sympathy x

  3. Hang in there Natasha, not long now & it will be SO much better once you are on the other side & the anticipation is no longer hanging over your head. I bought heaps of tissues, and used lots, but not as many as I thought. I fished for boogers with a twisted up tissue, and I didn't need a neti-pot (lucky me) - but who knows, we're all different. Hugely excited for you lovely. xxx

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  5. Got my surgery this thursday D: so i've been searching the web for other people in my position :). I imagine you'll look like Deborah Morgan from the show 'Dexter' after your surgery (She's hoooot). Anyway good luck with your surgery :D (reposted this to fix grammatical errors XD)

  6. One of the worst things was the weeks leading up to it, thinking of your recovery. Hang in there!! You are going to do great, and before you know it you will be back to normal, well at least close : ) I lived the first 2 weeks with nasal strips on those helped a ton as I wasn't allowed to use the neti pot : (

  7. going in for my surgery in an hour. ill update you with my experience :)

    1. Apparently not XD. Went in this morning and my surgeon told me that my surgery has been delayed due an emergency with another patient ¬_¬. They said they'll get back to me soon so that they can fit me in within the next two weeks. NHS :/