Monday, 21 May 2012

10 days to go brace face nerves

I'm counting down the days till I enter the world of being a brace face, and if I'm honest I'm not looking forward to it, I'm scared, nervous, and worried. I don't think it will hurt having them put on (that's what I'm telling myself anyway) so I'm not too worried about that, I'm worried about how they will look. I know it's really vain to be worrying about that but we all have insecure days where we don't particularly like the look of ourselves and I'm not so sure that having a heap of metal in my mouth on said days is going to help.
I've been doing some crazy lady Google image searches about braces for the past couple of weeks attempting to familiarise myself with how braces look in peoples mouths so I don't burst into tears on my orthodontist when I look in the mirror after they have been fitted. So after a while I started to think...

Hey they don't look too bad, the ladies that wear lipstick with them look quite nice and attractive, yeah I can do that, I wear lipstick, I can be that person with the lipstick and the braces, make a feature out of them rather than trying to hide them. 

Then as I looked closer I started to realise there was a slight problem with my amazing plan...

Yes, look at all the lovely lipstick and brace wearing ladies, I can be that person, confident and smiling, look they all have nice white, straight teeth with braces on....... that meet.... together.....properly..... when they smile....... brilliant, they all have a correct bite!

Yes, I realised that I won't look like one of the nice lipstick and brace wearing ladies with their nice straight teeth that meet where they are supposed to for quite a while. They all had teeth that met properly, unlike mine. The whole point of my braces is to make my underbite worse so I can  have double jaw surgery and eventually  have a proper bite. 
So after a few hours/days of feeling sorry for myself and angry at the lipstick ladies for giving me false hope, I decided that I will be a lipstick and brace wearing lady! I will just be one with an underbite, and everyday I will try my very hardest to wear my lipstick and my stupid underbite with confidence and to remember the bigger picture, the end goal, straight teeth that meet properly. So tomorrow I am going on a shopping trip with my boyfriend, he is shopping for holiday clothes (5 weeks and 5 days to go!!!!) and I will be shopping for a brand new lipstick to apply in front of my orthodontist instead of crying on him. 


  1. Tash, I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow! Try and give me a call at some point over the weekend, let me know how you are.

    I'll be thinking of you, you'll be fantastic.

    Loads of love xxx

    1. By the way this is your brother, I'm not 100% sure why I am qwertyuiop on here...

    2. Haha thanks for clearing that up, I was wondering who that was! Thank you biff, I'm going to london for ben's birthday this weekend so I'll give you a call on sunday, and let you know how I'm getting on. I'll post some pics up here too so you can see my new grill. xxxxx love you lots too!