Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's brace face day tomorrow!

Well the day has finally come, I am getting my braces fitted tomorrow and starting my long journey to double jaw surgery to correct my underbite.
I'm scared about having them put on and how I will cope with them, how I will look with them, so really I'm just scared of the unknown and in 3 weeks time I'm going to be thinking you big silly wimp, what on earth were you scared about and why did you worry so much! I have worried so much I've given myself a mouth ulcer. Brilliant isn't it, I've given myself an ulcer before my braces have even had a chance at it.
The gravity of my little trip to the orthodontist tomorrow has also dawned on me, once those little metal brackets are on and the wire is threaded, that's it, I have committed myself to making my bite worse, to wisdom tooth extraction, to double jaw surgery, to having my mouth wired shut, to having a new face, to having a proper bite and I can't wimp out. So I am going to look towards that lovely end goal of having a proper bite whenever I get scared, or worried, or frustrated or fed up and try my hardest to stay positive and happy, and be less of a wimp.
If anybody has any tips for a fledgling brace wearer or essentials to buy for cleaning etc I would muchly appreciate the inside info.


  1. Hi Natasha,
    Braces day is a turning point to say the least, theres no looking back from this point.
    honestly the best thing in the whole wide world is the waterpik. It is my favourite braces product ever. It helps keep your braces super clean and it really gets everything out of the brackets. I make a solution of mouthwash and water. The first week is painful in the sense that you will have a sort of aching pain like a lot of pressure. try to eat soft things because chewing will only make it worse.
    I promise though its really not that bad at all. You'll get used to them fast and before you know it you'll be on your way to surgery.

    1. Hi Terra,
      Thanks for the advice, I think I will invest in a waterpik, it sounds much easier than messing around with inter-dental brushes.
      You are right, chewing does hurt! I discovered that this morning, I had yoghurt with chopped up strawberries and blueberries for breakfast and it hurt even to chew that. I'm going to attempt scrambled egg for lunch, I don't need to chew that, just swallow. x