Friday, 1 June 2012

I got braces on

Well I did it, I have braces and I never thought I would say this but I'm so bloody happy that I have braces. I had them fitted at 11.20 and I was really anxious and nervous yesterday morning so I took myself shopping, nothing like a bit of retail therapy to calm your nerves!
My Ortho Mr O'Neil was brilliant and so was my dental nurse, he made me feel relaxed and kept telling me how well I was doing and what a good job I was doing. At the time that was great to hear but when I think about it now all I was doing was lying there with my mouth open, some funny glasses on and breathing in a calm manner.
Having the brackets put on was fine, I had that lip stretcher thing in and had to bit down on a bit of cotton wool while he cleaned my teeth up a bit, then put the adhesive on and used a special torch/light thing to activate the adhesive then stuck on the brackets one by one. It was a very efficient affair, the dental nurse had them all ready each time, no messing around or fumbling which was nice, made me feel more relaxed.
It was so strange when he took the lip thing out and I could feel the brackets, they felt enormous, like I had a square of chocolate stuck on each tooth.
Then came the wire, I think I had a number 4 on the top and a number 2 on the bottom, not sure what all that means though. The bottom wire went on first and it felt strangely good, as he was tightening it I was thinking yes, this is what these pesky teeth need, they are heading in the right direction now. I quickly changed my mind when he did the top, that hurt a lot more than the bottom lol and because I still have a baby tooth incisor on the top I got to have a curly wurly wire going over that tooth as I don't have a bracket on it.
So I felt fairly good after I left the hospital, I had a good look at them in my car mirror and I don't mind them, they are a part of me and my smile now. I went shopping (again) and got some bits for my travelling tooth fairy kit; mini toothpaste, mini mouth wash, inter-dental brushes and nice cosmetic bag to keep it all in. Then I got some ingredients for my boyfriends birthday Peanut Butter and Chocolate cheescake, (it is his birthday today, Happy birthday Ben!) and I went to the checkout and the checkout lady was having a chat with me and there I was having a nice little conversation about the Jubilee Weekend with my braces on and she didn't recoil in horror or point and shout " EVERYBODY LOOK! THIS LADY HAS BRACES ON!" like I thought she would, it was fine. So I'm not worried about that any more and everybody at works has been great too.
Eating is a challenge, it hurts but that will go soon enough, yogurt doesn't hurt to eat nor does ice cream and peanut butter and chocolate cheescake batter, and I suspect it wont hurt to eat it when its cooked either. Brushing my teeth hurts, but again that will go soon, just used my yoga breathing to get me through a couple teeth that really hurt, but it's fine really, and trying to get to grips with inter-dental brushes is tricky I don't know what size I should use, I think I bought a number 4 not sure, I should of asked my Ortho but forgot in all the excitement. Anybody have any recommendations or does it all depend on the size of your own teeth? 
I'm off to London this weekend with my man to celebrate his birthday with his friends and his brother, so I got myself a nice new dress and some new shoes, (I couldn't resist!) and I'm pleased to announce that I can still drink vodka and diet coke, just with a straw! Yaaay!
Happy Jubilee weekend for those in the UK and happy weekend for everybody else!


  1. Hi Natasha,
    Yay for you and your shiny new braces! I get mine on in about 8 weeks - and I can't wait. I have to have a surgery to widen my palate first though, so that time should really fly. I am glad that there is someone else out there who is at the start of this adventure, like me. Hope your teeth don't hurt for too long.

  2. Hey Ellie, how long do you have to wait till your surgery? Yeah I'm glad I'm not the only one starting out too. My teeth don't hurt that much anymore, I just need to stop being a scaredy cat and eat properly, I'm scared that a bracket will fall off haha, I know it won't really, I'm pretty sure that he stuck them on properly but I do worry.

  3. Hi Natasha,
    First surgery is in just less than 2 weeks (21/06)- and they will remove four of my teeth while they are at it. The weird thing is that I am more 'concerned' about that and the gaps they will leave than the breaking of my palate and associated gap between my front teeth. Its going to be interesting thats for sure.....