Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Braces (almost) 1 week on

Wow a week (almost) has flown by! I hope the next year or so goes as quickly as that, it probably won't but I'm hopeful. So how has my first week in braces been? Sore and hungry, that's how it's been, rather sore and rather hungry indeed.
I'm a grazer, I eat little and often, probably every 2 hours during my working day I'll have something to eat or I'm snacking on nuts and fresh fruit, so I've had to cut that out this last week, mainly because it hurt to do anything other than swallow.
On Friday I cooked my man a brilliant birthday dinner of chicken and steak fajitas, with rice and salad, I was so hungry and it smelt lovely and looked so nice and yummy and it was all laid out on the table and then I realised I'm not going to be able to eat this. I gave it my best shot and had mainly rice, cut bits of chicken up really small and sort of chewed/mushed it up, I didn't attempt the steak or the peppers thought I should walk before I run. It just really hurt my teeth to chew anything, to have any more pressure on them was too much for me. I'm such a big wimp!
Saturday was pretty much the same, scrambled eggs for breakfast before we set off to London, couscous for lunch/dinner and a fair few Vodka and diet cokes. Then Sunday came and it all changed! I could chew again on the left hand side of my mouth without wanting to cry, so as we were still in London for my man's birthday weekend we went to a really nice French patisserie/cafe and had brunch! I had a crepe with honey, bananas and strawberries with Greek yogurt, it was sooooo good! I wanted another one but we had to get the train back so I held out till we got back home and then off we went to KFC for a good helping of fried chicken, perfect for a slightly hungover person that hasn't eaten properly for 3days! Granted I did have to cut it up small and avoided any really crunchy chips but I had a KFC in my stomach and I could chew again so it was a good day.
My teeth are still a bit tender but it is getting better, I just cant believe how much my teeth have moved all ready, I can feel my bite has changed and some teeth have moved a bit. On Thursday when i had them fitted I could really only feel the brackets touching the left hand side of my mouth/cheek but now I can feel them on the right hand side more. It's incredible. I bet they have only moved millimetres but still, it's great that they are moving!
I've ordered some special orthodontic brush heads for my electric toothbrush and some special floss, I'm getting a bit obsessed with cleaning my teeth, I'm worried that I'm not doing it right and they will all fall out. Does anyone have any tips on how best to clean bracey teeth?


  1. invest in a water pik :) they are amazing :)

  2. Thanks Kate,
    A few people have advised me to invest in one, why is it so good? Is it just easier to use than inter-dental brushes and floss?
    It's my birthday soon so I will see if Ma and Pa fancy treating me to a water pik, now that will be an exciting present to unwrap! :-)