Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Super floss trauma

Well last night I attempted to floss my teeth for the first time in braces. I have to admit, I wasn't a regular flosser before I had my braces put on (occasionally I would use some of my boyfriends floss while he was flossing his teeth, only so I looked good and like I was caring for my teeth properly) so needless to say my floss technique isn't great.
I bought some Oral B super floss especially for the occasion and I was rather confused by the three different sections when I got it out of the packet, I didn't know what bit to use. I didn't use the specially designed reinforced end for easy threading under wires, I used the normal floss and struggled to thread it through the wires. I didn't use the strange spongey section, I thought that section was designed for a comfortable grip during the act of flossing. It's not. On further inspection of the packaging this morning I discovered you're meant to floss with it, it's good for brace wearers and larger gaps apparently.
I got round my top set of teeth doing what I presume is the correct flossing motion of backwards and forwards in about 20 mins, by this point my jaw was rather sore and I had shoulder and arm ache from holding my arm up in various odd angles to floss my stupid teeth.
I did consider giving up at this point, but I thought no, man up, it's a bit of jaw, shoulder and arm ache Natasha, finish flossing your teeth. So I embarked on the bottom set which was far harder as my teeth are much closer together and at funny angles, and then disaster struck! I got the stupid super floss stuck on my bracket. So there I was, stood in my bathroom at 11.30pm with this great big long piece of floss hanging out of my mouth, just wanting to cry. (Upon reflection I should of taken a picture of myself because I did look rather funny.) I did consider just going to bed with it in there and dealing with it in the morning as I was so tired but I took a big, deep yoga breath to calm me down and started to untangle it. I'm glad to say I didn't go to work today with floss hanging out of my mouth, I eventually got it out.
So tonight will be round 2 and I'm reading the instructions properly and starting a bit earlier than 11pm, wish me luck!


  1. Lol - good luck Natasha! I am sure you will be an expert by the time I am in braces (end July).

    1. Thanks Ellie, I hope so anyway! Not that long to go now,I had to wait 6 weeks after I said yes to treatment before I had my braces on. It absolutely flew past, are you excited?