Friday, 1 June 2012

Check out my new grill!!!

Here are some pictures of me Pre-braces and a couple of me with braces, I will take some better, with braces pictures soon, just quickly did these at work!


Teethy Smile

No Teeth Smile

The Naughty Teeth

My New Shiny Smile
My New Grill


  1. I just found you through another blog (maybe Ellie?). Congrats on getting braced! We were braced the same day. I too have been surprised when people see me with braces and don't recoil in horror.

  2. Ahhh wow, I have a brace buddy, happy 1 week old brace birthday!
    I know it's great isn't it, most people don't even notice mine until I do a big cheesy grin or laugh. I'm getting used to them in my mouth now, I've been luck so far and they haven't really rubbed my cheeks or gums, how are you getting on with yours?