Wednesday, 31 October 2012

5 Months in Braces

Woooooo! 5 months done and dusted, it feels really strange to think that 5 months ago I was absolutely petrified about getting my braces on and starting this whole process. I still am scared and do sometimes question what on earth I have done, why have i started this, but I know why really deep down and that I'm doing the right thing.

My braces feel pretty normal now, I was looking at them this morning after brushing my teeth and I couldn't remember what my teeth looked like without them on. It's really funny how they have just become a part of me so quickly. I might keep a bracket when I eventually get them off, turn it into a bit of jewellery or something, make some earnings out of them and finally get my ears pierced. Might be a bit gross actually.

Anyway, only 26 days till I have my next tightening and possibly some extra brackets added to my very back teeth, I'm quite excited actually. I think it's because it's a step closer to surgery and meeting my new face, teeth and bite! I'm also thinking about booking myself in for a clean, My ortho doesn't clean my teeth when he tightens everything, I guess in the UK your are meant to go to your dentist for that, but I'll check with him when I'm in. I do drink a  lot of coffee and it suddenly dawned on me yesterday that although I do keep my teeth clean etc that the little bit of tooth under my bracket wont be getting all coffee stained so it might be a different shade one I get them off? I'll also run that past him too, don't want to have horrid stained teeth after all this!

I'll post some updated pics later this week of my teeth and bite at 5 months in! My wisdom teeth holes are closed up now, there is still a little dip in my gum line where they used to be but I guess that's normal, I wish I could of seen them, I bet wisdom teeth are huge.

It's Halloween too! I'm rubbish this year and not doing anything :-( but I did plan a costume earlier on in the month just in case. So here was my list of costume ideas that would make me look like I'd gone all out and had braces on as part of the costume or for dramatic effect...

  1. Geek - So easy to do and can sort of look pretty
  2. School Girl - I get mistaken for being 12 on a regular basis so why not make a point of it 
  3. Ugly Betty - My personal favourite and the costume I would pick, she made braces cool, and I loved the show!
  4. Tooth Fairy - Of course the Tooth Fairy has braces! 

If I needed to go gruesome for Halloween then I would of just added Zombie in front and covered myself in fake blood etc. Gutted I couldn't try out any of these costumes for Halloween but if I go to a fancy dress party for New Years I'm sorted! 

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

Halloween Pumpkin

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