Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Braces in Paris

I am back from a wonderful long weekend in Paris visiting my brother, my boyfriend organised this trip for me (my birthday present) and I have been so excited and looking forward to spending some quality time with my boyfriend and my brother.

I love, love, love Paris, no matter where you are in Paris the architecture is just beautiful and it has so many historic buildings so well preserved and looked after. I also love the French wine, food and pastries!

However the one thing that I did notice on this trip was the sheer amount of lovely bread that I was offered before, during and after meals. It probably wasn't one my best ideas but I did eat a lot of French bread, in the end I struggled to enjoy it, my poor jaws couldn't take the chewing and my braces were not so keen on the harder styles of French bread. Then on my return I paid the price for my over indulgence with severe jaw ache, that during the day grew from jaw ache, to ear ache, to a headache, to eye ache to me wanting to curl up in a ball and cry.

I went to my local pharmacy and asked for something, anything to help with the pain, I was given something (cant remember the brand name) with codeine, paracetamol and a muscle relaxant in it and a gel heat pack that I can warm up and put on my sore face. It worked brilliantly and knocked me out for the night.

So I paid the price for my over indulgence in bread, and have learnt a valuable lesson, don't eat too much French bread! it's bad for your jaws, bad for your braces and bad for your hips! Gym here I come, I've got a lot of Parisian calories to burn off!

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