Friday, 3 May 2013

Long overdue!

Eeeeek! It's been ages since my last post!

Not much and so much has happened since then.

The not much is;

  • I don't have an official surgery date yet (don't think it's May any more!)
  • I still have my braces on
  • They are still cutting my lips, cheeks and sporadically pissing me off
  • Still working like a super hero
  • Still single (and enjoying it)
  • Still looking forward to surgery
  • Still enjoying life
  • Still remaining positive!
  • Still not eaten Skittles! (miss them so much) 

The so much that has happened is;

  • Had two extra brackets fitted very back teeth on top - took Mum and Dad along to that appointment so they could see what I do, very proud of me for sitting so still and being brave (I know, I'm not 7, I'm 24 but I'm a wimp!) 
  • My teeth have moved - They move all the bloody time and probably only by a mm if that but every time it is such a big deal to me and my mouth and my speech! 
  • I've had braces on for 11 months!!!! 
  • I have met up with a small group of women who live in my local area, who are all going through Orthognathic surgery (some for overbites and underbites) and we all share the same Orthodontist! very lovely ladies, great fun having a chat and sharing stories and experiences and reasons for having the surgery. Will do a proper update on this at some point.
  • Been having really bad jaw ache/pain for the last month, has been awful, really difficult to concentrate at work, think that has what has annoyed me most about it. i feel like I'm trying to maintain a normal life throughout all this and it just crossed the line and came and made my working day increasingly difficult and stressful. So my usual over the counter does of ibuprofen doesn't work any more nor do heat pads, so I went to the doctors this morning and he has prescribed me some stronger pain killers and said that i was definitely doing the right thing by having surgery, it should help it but may not completely remove the jaw ache problem. Wished me well and said to try the stronger tablets and if I need more or a different kind just come on back and he will do what he can to help me manage the pain till i have my surgery  Very lovely doctor, I have a total doctor crush going on! Might go back next week :-) 
  • Looking at buying a house! Tres excited!
  • Going to officially hound my Orthodonist and the Hospital to get my surgery date as I have so much I need to get in place at work with interns etc before I have it done, stressing me out! 
  • Going on holiday with my wonderful brother in 3 weeks and 4 days!!!!!!!! 
Hope everyone is well and recovering from surgeries and tightenings and is coping well with normal day to day life with all this going on! 

Enjoy your weekends and for us UK-ers Wahoooooo Bank Holiday weekend and it's sunny! OMG never thought I would see the sun again! 

Much Love and teppee Brushes to all! x 


  1. That's so cool that you have met people going through the same thing as you too! I think all the time how great it would be if all us brace-bloggers could get together and have a good rant about it!

    I hope you get some response from your surgeon soon - I hounded mine for 3 weeks straight and then got a date yesterday (YAY)

    Good luck with the new house!!

    1. Aaaaaah! Congrats Sophie :-)

      That must feel amazing! I really will get on to them next week, been saying it for ages but I really will act on it and give them a call. The NHS can do with a poke now and again!

      We should get together! the UK isn't that big, where abouts are you? I'm Northamptonshire.

  2. No worries. I'm sure the day will come up fast! I finally just had my surgery (13 days ago!). It took a few months before the ortho and surgeon were on the same page but setting up the hospital date was super easy.

    1. Ahhhh wow, how do you feel now after surgery?

      I'm going into see my ortho today so fingers crossed for a date!

  3. I love that Skittles are what you are missing, lol. Those are what I craved so much! I am so sorry about your jaw pain! Hopefully that and your braces will give you a break and let you enjoy your vacation. I know, I just commented on your other post, lol. But good luck to you!!

    1. Thank you lovely,

      Hahahaha! I really do miss skittles, every time I see them in the shops I feel sad! I cant wait to eat them again, especially the red ones!

      Braces are still being a pain now and again but I suppose its a good thing, means that things are moving!