Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My new Bracey Friends

As i mentioned in an earlier post, I have been extremely fortunate enough to discover 4 other women in my local area that are also going through Orthognathic surgery. We have met up a couple times now and it really is lovely to have a group of ladies to see and to discuss the ups and downs of this process, the fears, worries, hopes, funny stories and to support each other through it.

2 of my lovely ladies are going in for surgery this month, 1 on Wednesday and one next Friday. We met last night and they talked us through their pre ops, meetings with the surgeons and orthodontists, what they were having done, what they had packed, what they had ready for when they come home, what foods they had prepared, and what medication they were looking to take.

On my way home it dawned on me that both of there approaches, answers, topics of discussions, fears and surgery's were quite different. I guess it makes sense really, we are all having a similar operation on paper, but our faces are individual to us, unique, so our surgery will be slightly different, our recovery will be unique to us, how quickly our body heals, how resilient our minds are to pain, boredom  fear, worry, anxiety. It helps to hear and read other peoples experiences, I think it helps to prepare you, after all knowledge is the best weapon against fear!

Another thing that made me think last night was how lucky I am not to have children and be going through this surgery. Both women spoke about how they were explaining to their children what was going to happen to mummy and trying to get them prepared for the visual and physical effect the surgery will have on them. It must be really difficult to prepare children, especially young ones, and then trying to be mum during your recovery when you probably don't feel up to it. So big major respect to all the mummies and daddies out there who go through this surgery.

Here is our group pre-op picture (I'm on the left, went straight from work hence the more formal attire!)

The lady in green and the lady back right are going for surgery this month. Next time we meet up there will be another picture with 2 of us post op! So exciting!!!!

I'm off to see my orthodontist today so hopefully, fingers crossed I will get a confirmed date! If not I have my surgeon's secretary's direct dial number, so she will be getting phoned every day till I have a date. :-)

Will update later eather either way.
Much love to all xxx

P.S I go on holiday in 9 days! sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!


  1. How fun that you have met a group of friends going through similar operations! I do agrer thst it is important to remember that while you can read and hear other peoples stories, you must not compare too much, as everyone is different. That was something my surgeon reminded me every appointment. We are all our own individual beautiful selves :) I wish you and all of your friends, the best of luck!!

    1. Thanks Brytt,

      Yes it is so difficult not to compare closely with others! Hope your getting on well :-)

  2. That is so awesome that you got to have a jaw surgery meet up. Oddly enough with all the jaw surgery peeps I've talked to I've never met another jaw surgery patient in real life. It must feel really reassuring to be able to talk about it and relate.
    Have a great time on your holiday :D

    1. Hey Terra,

      It is brilliant, I feel so lucky to have found them. Although we are not having the exact same surgery the principle is the same, so it is wonderful being able to see and hear other experiences first hand.

      Looking forward to relaxing in the sun so much!

  3. Natasha that is AMAZING that you have those people to help you through it :) It is awesome just have people through blogs helping, but to have them in person is incredible. I am so excited for you to have your surgery, hope all is well my friend :)

    1. Hey Cassie!

      How are things!? It is incredible to have them in person, feel very lucky to have met them all, and we share the same orthodontist too! x