Monday, 1 July 2013

Last Birthday with this face!

It is my Birthday today!!! Yaaaay, I love Birthdays! I'm the grand age of 25 and now that I'm a proper adult, I'm working on my Birthday! Boooooo to that, but I guess I couldn't keep taking my Birthday off as holiday for ever, I have responsibilities now at work so I had to come in.

So I had a little pre Birthday celebration with my friend on Saturday and she came over for dinner and drink and we were talking about my up coming surgery and what it will mean and what I'm worried about and what I'm looking forward to etc and then we were talking about my Birthday and she said

"OMG, this will be your last Birthday with this face!"

She was right, It bloody well will be! Ok, I know I'm not exactly getting a face transplant and I'm sure I will still look like me after surgery, but there will be some dramatic changes and my face will not look like it does now at my next Birthday!

What a weird and scary thought! The more I think about it, the more it freaks me out a bit, this time next year I will look rather different, I will (hopefully) be happier, I wont have as much jaw ache, I'll be able to eat a sandwich without a filling face slap (filling face slap definition here), I will have nice straight teeth, I (hopefully) wont get any more nasty comments about my face and I can explore different hairstyles and glasses that wouldn't of suited my current face shape! It's crazy to think how different my life will be in a years time, and how much more improved it will be.

I'm excited for it! I always look forward to Birthdays, it's a chance to celebrate the year of your life just gone and all of your achievements and highs and the lows that you have triumphed over. Birthdays also give you a chance to look forward, to plan ahead, make new goals and develop new aspirations for the year ahead and I know that in my future 25th year on this wonderful earth that one thing will change for the better and that my life will improve no end.

So tonight I will raise a glass with my family and loved ones to toast my year just gone and say Happy last Birthday to this wonderful face of mine and toast to my future face and this brilliant year ahead that is awaiting me!

Happy Last Birthday Face!

Birthday Dress for Work

My Chocolate and Peanut Butter Birthday Cake (made all by myself!)


  1. Happy birthday! :) The cake looks amazing!!

    1. Thanks Allie,

      The cake was pretty good if I do say so myself! #

      I did struggle with the peanut butter frosting because it was so extremely yummy I almost ate it all before I put it in and on the cake! Next time I will make extra!

  2. Happy Birthday Natasha!! The thing I noticed most about your pictures above is your beautiful blue eyes. Combine that with a dazzling new smile - and, well look out World!!
    Hope you had a GREAT birthday,
    Cheers Ellie

    1. Awww Ellie, thank you, thats a lovely thing to say!

      I had a brilliant Birthday thanks, ate a lot, drank a lot and was merry! Lovely way to start my next year on this earth!

  3. EEEEEK! Happy Belated Birthday!! >.<

    You might be 25 this year, but next year, half your face will celebrate it's 1st birthday ;) ahh but seriously, I hope you had a great day and all is well brace-wise x

    1. Hahahaha! Sophie that is so true! I will have to mark it down in my diary and throw a 1st Birthday party for my face!

  4. Happy birthday, that dress is gorgeous on you!