Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Enjoying fresh bread while I can!

It's been a bit of an emotional weekend, sadly I had to put my cat Jasper to sleep on Friday. He was 15 years old and had a good life, he was a bit of a grumpuss at times but always loved a good chin scratch, unfortunately he had cancer of the tongue and was no longer eating and in pain, so like many pet owners I had to make that horrible decision.
 I was meant to be going to Kings Lynn for the weekend with my boyfriend but I just felt like staying in bed with my other cat Casper and crying all weekend. But my boyfriend came over and after I'd had a good old cry on him and created a lovely wet patch on his top and received lots of hugs and kisses I decided to go away and try and enjoy myself.
We checked in at our hotel which was lovely, it had just undergone renovation so it was all new and fancy then we went for a walk round Kings Lynn in search of somewhere to eat lunch. We found a nice little deli and had some lovely coffee and a sandwich made with fresh bread!
Now although I can't eat fresh bread or a sandwich without looking like an idiot I still try to enjoy it. Those of you reading this with an underbite will understand the fine art of eating a sandwich, a technique mastered many moons ago!  You "bite" into it as much as you can and pull away with a slight side to side motion to help the bread and filling rip, however this technique does not come without its risks such as the filling face slap. Occasionally your initial "bite" hasn't really got anywhere through the sandwich to actually cut the filling but it has enough to hold it in your mouth, so as you pull the sandwich away to rip it, your filling e.g chicken, ham or I often have this trouble with spinach or lettuce leaves, slides out of the bit of bread your pulling away and ends up slapping you in the face/chin.
So after I negotiated the filling face slap successfully we went back to our hotel and had a nap (I was tired from all my crying earlier) then got ready and went to dinner. I had some lovely fresh bread again, I'm making the most of this because I think it's off the menu when I get my braces fitted. Dinner is less of an embarrassing eating minefield because you can use a knife and fork and cut it up into nice small bits, no ripping action needed, the same goes for eating desert and drinking wine, certainly no problems there!
I've been thinking about all the little things I do day to day to make eating easier and the food choices I make because of my underbite and I cant wait for the day when I can just pick something up and eat it without assessing whether I need to cut it up, assessing how easy it's going to be to chew, and knowing that I'm going to be last to finish my food again. Now I'm a long way off that yet, and my underbite will get worse over the next year or so but it's all about the end goal and eventually my underbite will no longer be a part of my life and shiny, straight, fully functioning teeth will be! So next time I have some fresh bread with dinner I will enjoy it and make a toast to having a proper bite.


  1. Natasha,
    I TOTALLY feel you on the biting into sandwich problem. I'm still wired shut at the moment but I CANNOT wait until I can properly bite into my food. That was really my main reason for getting the surgery. My boyfriend told me he wont eat any pizza until i'm able to eat it too. Can't wait for that day!

    1. Hahaha, it is such a pain isn't it! Yeah pizza is another prime example, burning hot cheese slapping on your chin is not what you want! That is really sweet of him, have you decided what your first pizza will be?