Friday, 13 April 2012

The Magic DVD

So it was a good 2 weeks before I stopped avoiding the Orthognathic surgery DVD that my orthodontist had given to me. It was accidentally left in my car for a couple of days, then left by the kettle for a week, then I moved it into my bedroom where the cat slept on it for a few days and then it migrated to my bedroom floor. I eventually got fed up of slipping on it and took it to my boyfriends house for a good old Friday film night!
Well my first impression was that it was very well structured, it had lots of different sections to it describing the entire process that you could dip and out of so it didn't have to be viewed in an single sitting. There was a nice man that told you about all the technical bits and interviews with people that had had the surgery and their views about different parts of the process.
It was good to hear and see people that had undergone this procedure in the UK as a lot of the blogs I have reading/am reading are from the USA. There was a really good 3D video/model of a jaw that showed you what would happen during the operation, what parts they would move and remove and how they held it all in place after, which was certainly an eye opener but it did help me to understand exactly what will be happening to my face in a few years time. What I liked most was that each person they interviewed had different experiences with the level of pain and discomfort after surgery and how long it took for them to recover after, so maybe there is hope for a wimp after all!
Saying that I did cry after watching the DVD, it is  daunting when your faced with 3d models of jaws being broken, cut and screwed back together, but I mainly blame the bit about drainage tubes post surgery, I wasn't aware of that bit!!!

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