Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spaghetti braces are coming!

My official brace face date came through the post yesterday, Thursday 31st of May at 11.20. I'm  sort of looking forward to having them fitted, to start the treatment, see all the changes and to get a little bit closer each day to a proper bite.
However I'm scared about getting them put on, or as my dad says "your just scared of the unknown" and I guess I am. I've never really had any dental work done like fillings, when I was maybe 10 I had a retainer fitted to push my front teeth forward to give me a sort of proper bite, and when I was 15 I had a canine removed because it grew above the baby one and rather than having braces to move it down where it should be I wimped out because I thought it would hurt too much to move it, and that's about it.
I've never broken a bone or really hurt myself, I was a very safe child, too much of a wimp to climb a tree and jump, so I haven't really experienced pain. I don't know if my pain threshold is big and strong or if it's a wimp.
I don't even know if having braces fitted hurts!? I hope not. It's my boyfriends birthday the day after so I had wanted to go out to dinner but not sure if I can, my teeth might be sore.
When I discussed my concerns about the birthday dinner with my very good friend, she kindly laughed and said imagine if you got spaghetti stuck, dangling from your braces! I couldn't help but laugh too, that would be funny. So I've decided if my teeth are sore or I can't bare dangling spaghetti I'll have a wine and cheesecake dinner instead!


  1. Yay - progress, you have a date! I am a wee bit behind you in the progress stakes, and while mine will begin with surgery to expand my narrow upper arch, and then braces - I am yet to fix a date for either. Rather frustrating as I feel like I am going nowhere. Hope the braces fitting and the dinner go well. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Ellie for your comment for following my blog, it must be frustrating having to wait for dates. I guess I've been really lucky and not had to wait very long in-between appointments to get things going. I hope your wait isn't too much longer!