Friday, 20 April 2012

The meeting of minds and a wimp!

Yesterday I had my clinic meeting with my orthodontist and I met my surgeon and I am really thankful that they are both so lovely. My orthodontist Mr O'Neil is great, he first met me when I was 15 and knows all about the difficulties I have experienced physically and emotionally over the years and he did a very good job informing about the entire procedure and really helped me to feel confident that this is the right decision for me and my mouth. He even did a nifty trick to give me a rough idea of what my face should look like after surgery, he gave me a hand held mirror, put two small cotton wool rolls under my top lip and did some clever masking of my chin and lower jaw with his hand and voilĂ  my new face! Well sort of! It was good though, really interesting to kind of get an idea of what I might look like in a couple of years. Got my mum and my boyfriend to have a look, they approved, not that had much choice really but I'm glad that Mr O'Neil did that because I am starting to worry a bit about what my face will look like after surgery. 
I will get my braces on the 31st of May!!! Eeeeeek! I'm sort of excited because I'm about to start my treatment and I can start counting down till I can eat and speak properly, but being a wimp I am absolutely petrified of having them put on, living with them, eating with them, kissing with them, getting them tightened, how I'm going to look with them on and them cutting my lips or cheeks. So I have 6 weeks to man up! 
My surgeon was equally as nice, (I can't remember his name) but he talked me through the complete procedure very reassuringly and explained the risks involved like temporary or permanent numbness of your face and lips. However I'm pleased to announce that I only have to have my lower wisdom teeth removed before surgery, he said that he will deal with the uppers during my double jaw surgery. So I will have my wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic in a couple of months, it will be like a trial run of my double jaw surgery, Yay for me! I've never had general anaesthetic before, I've never really experienced any pain so I don't really know how high my pain threshold is, I'm useless with needles and giving blood is like trying to find water in a desert, my veins seem to run and hide, as I'm typing this the veins on the back of my hands have retreated! So I'm rather worried about that, but I will try and put off worrying till I get my surgery date through the post.
Then we got talking about my actually jaw surgery and I am having upper and lower and possibly some genioplasty too! The surgeon gave me a rough estimate of how much he wants to move my jaws but said in a years time once my teeth are moved he will have a better idea, but so far the rough estimate is; top jaw 2-3mm, bottom jaw 7-8mm and chin maybe 2mm. So that seems like a lot to me, compared to other measurements I have read on various blogs but I guess if I need it, I need it. It just adds to my worry about how I'm going to look after surgery. 
So in 5 weeks and 6 days time it will be brace face time and I will be on my way to nice, straight, properly functioning teeth! ....................I'm so scared! 

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