Friday, 13 April 2012

X-rays, pictures, molds and mum!

Well after watching the dvd and  having a good old think about the 2 years of braces, the wisdom teeth extraction, the double jaw surgery and deciding yes this is for me and my mouth I went back to the orthodontist to have a chat and say sign me up, lets get going!
I decided to be brave and less of a wimp and go by myself to this appointment. So there I was sat in the waiting room trying to remain calm, stay in my seat and not change my mind and run back to my car, and then appears my mum! A lovely surprise :-)
So in we went for my chat, told my orthodontist again why I wanted the surgery and that I was definitely sure I want to go ahead with it. Then I think he got a bit excited because before I knew it I had a bib on and was having molds taken!
Now this was the first thing about all of this that I was really dreading. I remember having these molds done when I was younger and it was horrible, it was slimy, and when they  pushed the tray into your teeth the putty would ooze out everywhere and make me gag, horrible!
So I was sat there thinking come on tash if you can't have a poxy mold taken then how the hell are you going to cope with having braces fitted and double jaw surgery so man up, stay calm and it will be fine. And it was! It was over before I knew it. I think they have made some technical advances over the years because the putty stuff that he used this time was great, didn't ooze everywhere, set really quickly and I didn't gag. Wooooo!
Then off I went to go and get pictures of my face taken and some of my teeth, they used the cheek stretcher things, not very glamourous at all! A little tip, make sure you put lots of lip balm on because they really stretch your mouth and you don't want cracked or split lips!
Now the next step is an appointment on the 19th of april with my orthodontist and some surgeons to have a look at my x-rays, pictures, and molds to figure out how much to move my teeth and jaws, exciting stuff!

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