Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The orthodontist has a dvd drawer?

I was first offered this treatment when I was 15 and I politely declined, the idea of braces and surgery didn't really appeal to the 15 year old me, it still doesn't but needs must!
My teeth have moved and shifted as I've grown and as a result my bite has got significantly worse, my speech has been affected, i'm a bit lispys when I pronounce certain words or syllables, and I struggle to eat. So I have finally decided to man up and get my mouth fixed!
So as I said during my first appointment with the ortho we spoke about my teeth and what my treatment would involve; removing all my wisdom teeth, braces to move my teeth back into a full underbite for about 2 years then an operation on my upper jaw to move it forward and one on my lower to remove a bit and then move it back.
So after hearing all that again I presented a fear filled face to my ortho and he presented me with a dvd pulled from a magical drawer, nice tactic I thought, probably designed to prevent you from crying then and there in his chair.
I was told to have a watch at my leisure with family and friends (I'm sure they will enjoy that!) and come back in 3 weeks and tell him if want to go ahead with it. So off I went with my dvd in one hand and my worried looking boyfriend in the other to go and have my first xray.
The xray was great, nice and easy, sat down, bit on some metal, the xray machine went round my head, you had to stay very still, and that was it. Got to have a look at my bones on the way out too, bonus!

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