Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The story so far...

Well I'm Natasha, 23 years old and I've started treatment for my delightful class 3 malocclusion! I've been prescribed a 2 year course of braces, wisdom teeth extraction and orthognathic surgery, I'm having bi-maxillary surgery, so my upper and lower jaws are being operated on. Oh and I'm a massive wimp!
After my first orthodontic appointment; it was a nice chat about what orthognathic surgery is and what treatment I will be having,(I got a DVD, but more about that beauty later) I did what any professional wimp does and got scared, cried a bit, composed myself and then googled orthognathic surgery. I came across all sorts of pictures post and pre surgery, NHS websites and such but then I found loads of blogs about people going through or that have gone through orthognathic surgery and it was brilliant! So much information, pictures, tips and shopping lists for post surgery and it was all first hand experience. Yes a few things I read like drainage tubes post surgery did freak me out but I decided the more informed I am then I won't be as scared (that's the plan anyway). 
So I decided to create this blog to put my take on all of this out there to hopefully help other people going through the treatment or thinking about it, and to help me get my head round it all and so that I can look back and say I'm no longer a wimp!


  1. Hi Natasha,
    I so glad you decided to make a blog. There really are so many out there and they really are invaluable in helping to be informed about the whole long process. I got your comment recently- thank you!

    I JUST had surgery last week so I'm hoping the worst is over. I also had a (had, yay!) class III and surgery on both jaws. I know two other people that surgery for the same reason and haven't met anyone yet that regretted it. eating is such an everyday essential part of your life that you might as well do it properly, right?

    best of luck, Laura

  2. Hi. How is everything?
    I need advise. My daughter has class 3 . She is 12 and will need to wait to get it fixed. I'm worried about her entering teens and feeling bad about her appearance. What can I do to help her with that and to reassure that surgery is not the end of the world?